For thousands of years, India has occupied a special place in the European consciousness. Having one-fifth of the world’s population,  it’s a rich cultural mass waiting to be discovered more. To achieve that, we have been crafting extraordinary MICE experiences with customised travel in India and tailor-made itineraries.

We make Conferences a holistic experience for those attending. For us, the success of a conference isn’t just about its smooth management but also guaranteeing indelible memories for them.


Meet our futurists who envision unforgettable memories through their concrete experience, innovative ideas, detailed approach and a neat work ethic.

“Our vision is to become the conference organising company of prime choice for each and every client who values Customisation, Creativity & Attention to Detail.”

  Ravi Ramaswamy  ( CEO & Owner )

“We don’t just strive to execute conferences smoothly, but we also make sure that our functionality leaves an indelible impression on our guests.”

 Nandini Ramaswamy  ( Director & Head – Conferences )


“Went through each and every step in a very creative and innovative manner. Amazing way in which they helped us to conceptualise, create the whole ambience of the event. They do bring in a lot of insights. I am sure any of the future partners would be as happy or happier than I am today.”

Radha Chauhan

CEO, eMarketplace

“I don’t hesitate to recommend IndeBo to any other organisation. They did a commendable job. They have a professional staff. Their work ethics are something they scrupulously follow.”

S.C. Barmma

Joint Secretary, Department of Justice

“IndeBo’s professionalism, creativity, attention to detail led to an extremely successful event. Their work quality led my organization to select IndeBo as the organiser for our landmark event – Clean Cooking Forum, 2017.”

Radha Muthiah

CEO, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves